Period from 2012 -

From 2012 our company operates in the consultancy services market for :

  1. Investments in Venture Capital
  2. Risk Management
  3. Business Advisory
  4. Logistics

The company has its main office in Norway, but operates in partnership with national and international partners, worldwide. 

1. Venture Capital

A main activity is to provide venture capital to new and growing companies, especially in the logistics sector, planning for an IPO / ICO (Initial public / coin offering).

 We are cooperating with Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors. 




2. Risk Management

Risk Management now includes new categories of liability, new approaches to mitigate risk, the managed care imperative, regulatory changes and many other developments have an impact on any business. In an environment where change is a constant, it is important to invest the time and effort it takes to understand the business and how best to manage total cost of risk.

In addition our business- and accounting controller experience can reduce the company risk.

3. Advisory Service

Our business advisory services focus on strategising for the success and growth of a business. Advisors are a hybrid of business coaches, mentors and accountants. By examining previous trends and combining them with forecasts, we will ask questions and dig deep into our clients’ businesses.

4. Logistics

Logistics services, 24/7.

Logistics for cargo handling

Our company is a provider of consultancy services into logistics solutions for companies / organizations. Se below for experience and here -  Logistics - for slideshow.

We are also working on corporate development, offering acquisition of startup companies in the logistics market, as soon as they are operational.

Period 1982-2011 : Agency business together with a transport delivery service.

The company`s office in Trondheim, NORWAY.


The firm was established and registered in Norway, in the local Trondheim Trade Register first time in 1982. Later transfered to the new national register : "Brønnøysundregisteret" in 1995.  (Org.number: 931 440 896). The registration name is MULTI TRADE T Gaustad. Our marketing name is Multi Trade Consult (MTC).


Our own cargo delivery service.


The main activity has been representing other companie's products / services, through our own agency business. Our company established a portfolio of agencies in selected areas in Norway. The business was gradually expanded and a net of local sales agents was set to representing our company from the very start. Our own cargo delivery service was established as well. In a period we also operate a fleet of taxi cars for passenger transport.


In 2011 all earlier activties were sold out of the firm.


Professional experience as an employee in other companies :

Cargo handling world wide.


The signatory has held positions in several Norwegian freight companies :

In addition to own company business (MTC), the singatory also has held administrative positions within middle Norway industry, particularly in the freight sector. (The latest job comes first) :


  • Tollpost-Globe AS / PostNord Logistics AS (Cargo distribution world wide)
  • Transportsentralen AL (All kinds of Cargo, by road, localy and international)
  • Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab AS. (NFDS) (Shipping/Cruise/Oilservice)
  • Posten Norge AS / Bring Cargo AS (The National Postal Cargo-Administration)


The workspace has been versatile, customer-related and included the following tasks:

  • Forwarding: Organization of cargo transport on road, railway, boat and aircraft, both nationally and internationally.
  • Negotiate cargo- and logistical arrangements for corporate clients.
  • Transport consultant for terminal and logistics solutions, both for land-based industry, shipping and offshore / supply.


The signatory has following Education in Norway :

Professional title: Business Administration. (With diploma from Business Highschool)

Additional Education: (With diploma / sertificate)

  • Investment Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management, ISO 31000
  • Total Quality Management, ISO 9001
  • Systematic Health, Safety and Enviroment work (HSE)
  • Personnel- and managing Development
  • Logistics / Material Management
  • Export Marketing
  • Company- and Tax Accounting
  • Purchasing Management

Sinsererly, Multi Trade Consult, by managing director (CEO)

torgrim gaustad

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 "Our company allways works after the motto to be honest and quality minded in all our doings."